Conventional feeding systems

Our conventional feeding systems are the most reliable and powerful feeding systems in the world. They are characterised by their high degree of innovation and quality requirements.


For your application, our offer extends from single-track vibratory feeders through to multi-track bowl feeders or centrifugal feeders. Whether simple or complex workpieces, we can meet your requirements. We work with you as partners and in close consultation to find the best possible feeding solution for your application.

Additionally, we can take into account special surface treatments or special paint finishes and also have in-house spray coating capabilities. Due to the high degree of standardisation of our systems, we are not necessarily more expensive than the competition. Contact us and we will be happy to make you an offer.

  • Innovative feeding solutions
  • Multi-track bowl feeders
  • Extremely powerful and reliable
  • High quality standard and quality assurance in execution
  • Top documentation that meets all customer requirements
  • Tight coordination with the customer
  • Special surface treatment
  • Possibilities for spray coating, Habasit, polyamide, etc.


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Linear high performance feeding systems

Vibratory bowl feeders

BaseType B

RNA vibratory feeder drives are characterised by their low susceptibility to faults. In continuous use, they are reliable and safe to operate, thus ensuring high availability. The use of high-performance magnets enables a high, load-independent conveying performance with compact dimensions.

Product features:

  • cost-effective drive technology
  • compact design
  • suitable for almost all workpieces
  • also for complex workpiece geometries

Range of application for 100 Hz oscillation frequency:

  • when minor sorting characteristics of the workpieces require "fine" sorting devices
  • better for critical interface transitions (small vibration throw of the workpiece)

Range of application for 50 Hz oscillation frequency:

  • for large additional masses due to extensive arrangement elements on the bowl feeder
  • for lower noise emission
  • drive becomes more load-sensitive with large loads (filling weight)

We are also happy to manufacture RNA vibratory bowl feeders in the desired design, e.g:

  • customised spring assembly
  • protective jackets in special paint finishes or stainless steel
  • customised connection plugs
  • connection cable according to EMC (when using frequency control units)

Step feeders

Robotic feeding systems