The correct orientation of components is our trade. RNA equipment and performance have the highest standards of quality, which has made us one of the most important enterprises throughout the world in the area of feeding technology.

Our engineers know the specific requirements of all industry sectors from having supplied many reference systems. Our feeders are used in aseptic and cleanroom environments of the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the harsh environments of the metalworking industry.  Our high-performance feeders delivering up to 2000 parts per minute as employed in the packing and electronics industries give you a competitive edge. You will find our products everywhere where parts must be presented in properly oriented manner in an assembly process.

From engineering to putting into operation, we supply automation machinery and feeding systems based on all the known driving components – from vibratory bowl feeder to stepper feeders and centrifugal feeders. We can supply you with a complete range of high-performance drive units and controllers as well as with accessories of recognised high quality and functionality, even for tasks with special performance requirements.