In order to keep your staff up to date with the state of the art, we can offer you training courses.

The courses focusing on the following subjects:

1.) Design of vibratory bowl feeder drives

  • Adjusting vibratory bowl feeders (rotary feeders)
  • Running performance of vibratory bowl feeders (rotary feeders)
  • Error analysis

2.) Design of linear feeders

  • Adjustment of linear feeders
  • Running performance of linear feeders
  • Error analysis
  • Mountings, length of linear tracks
  • Hopper mountings

3.) Control units in use

Whether belonging to single subject areas or as a complete course: we offer the training you require at our head office in Aachen. You can make a reservation either for single employees or – if there are more than four participants – for an exclusive course for your company. If desired, training courses can also be held at your company.