First digital feeding system delivered


At the beginning of the year, we were able to secure our first digital order following the successful acquisition of Hofmann & Stirner Zuführtechnik GmbH, now RNA Digital Solutions GmbH. Our customer was convinced by the feasibility assessment, which was demonstrated by the digital twin of the feeding system. Thanks to AI and multi-physics simulation software, we were able to fully simulate the solution without the need for a physical workpiece. This was a great advantage for the customer, who at that time could only provide his workpiece in the form of a CAD file.

BEE RNA - the bee project at our headquarters in Aachen


Earlier this year, we asked ourselves what we as RNA could do about bee mortality. At the end of April, we set up a bee colony on the roof of our new company building at our headquarters in Aachen. This marked the birth of the BEE RNA project. We want to make a small contribution to prevent bee mortality and to protect our environment.

IoT ConnectBox goes on sale - RNA's new mobile data acquisition system and IoT platform


The sale of the IoT ConnectBox from RNA has officially started and can now be ordered. The IoT ConnectBox is a mobile data acquisition device coupled with an IoT platform, which enables data to be read in real time and thus machines or products to be digitized in a simple manner, regardless of the industry or product concerned. It impresses with its simplicity and low costs. Thanks to GSM technology, the IoT ConnectBox can be used almost anywhere without the need for direct access to the customer network. Existing systems can also be retrofitted with the IOT ConnectBox and thus digitized.

RNA receives first order for digital feeding system


Shortly after the successful takeover of Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH, which now operates under the new name of RNA Digital Solutions GmbH, we received our first digital order. The early proof of concept gave the customer the decisive advantage, since the part to be fed was not yet physically available for testing. Using simulation software and artificial intelligence developed by RNA Digital Solutions, we were able to give confirmation to our customer about the feasibility of their part and associated feeding solution directly and in real time. All that was needed was a 3D model of the part to be fed.

First IoT ConnectBoxes installed in demo factory at RWTH Aachen University


Retrofitting at its best! In the demo factory of RWTH Aachen University, we were able to digitize three existing production units. A wide range of sensors were installed in order to pick up the required data via the IoT ConnectBox and transfer it to our IoT platform. Furthermore, the data is integrated into the demo factory’s ERP system with the help of interface programming.

Centrifugal feeders BaseType Z


Our feeding system BaseType Z is based on a centrifugal feeder, which was integrated in the complete machine. Through the standardization of additional components, we were able to further optimize the system and meet our customer's requirement of approx. 400 correctly oriented lids per minute. Due to the size of the parts, with a diameter of 70 mm, we used a feeding system from the BaseType Z product range.

RNA’s STF elevator feeder: solution for ‘highest’ requirements


To stockpile parts and transfer them safely to downstream processes, RNA offers a wide range of vibration and belt-type hoppers. Our belt-type hoppers are designed as horizontal hoppers, inclined hoppers, elevator feeders or Z-hoppers. Elevator feeders are particularly ergonomic and suitable for exceptionally high filling volumes.

Rhein-Nadel Automation GmbH (RNA) übernimmt das Münchener Startup Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH


In November this year, RNA purchased the Munich start-up company Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH. That way, RNA is securing important know-how in the field of artificial intelligence and digital feeding technology. With this takeover and the integration of digital technology, RNA is further expanding its market leadership and positioning itself for the challenges of the future.

Trade Fairs MOTEK and AUTOMATICA cancelled – we will nevertheless take place! Visit us at our VIRTUAL exhibition stand!


We’re further expanding our digital presence! Take part in our first completely virtual and digital trade fair and find out about our new products in a virtual tour around our exhibition stand. Let our experts take you to the single installations and, next to 3D models, watch videos on the function of the specific feeding system.

RNA at LinkedIn


Follow us at LinkedIn and always stay up to date! Remain permanently informed with all the news about the most innovative feeding systems and state-of-the-art technology by RNA.

New building opening of HSH Handling Systems AG, RNA's subsidiary in Switzerland


The HSH Handling Systems AG, our subsidiary in Switzerland, doubles its existing production area to better meet the growing customer requirements. After a 13-month building phase, it is now possible to move into the new building. The opening ceremony is on 9 and 10 October 2020.

RNA FlexType C: the compact one among the linear feeders – now even better!


The extremely compact and powerful linear feeding system FlexType C has now become even more user-friendly. Continuous optimisation of the system has led to significant improvements.

630mm cylinder bowl with exchangeable sets of formats


The use of exchangeable sets of formats now makes the sorting of most diverse workpiece geometries in just one bowl feeder possible without any great retooling effort. With the new FlexType B series (B = Bowl), our customers can change the sorting line also on vibratory bowl feeder systems, thus providing them with maximum flexibility.

Reproducible aluminium bowls with 3D printed sorting elements


Diverse customer needs required, next to reproducibility, an increase in size of our 3D printed bowl feeders. The combination of partly milled off aluminium base bodies in connection with 3D printed sorting elements in additive manufacturing was the solution. And this is where we benefited from our years of experience in printing bowl feeders and other components with 3D.

Feeding systems made by RNA – BaseType and FlexType


For ease of orientation, we have separated our range into two new product categories. Our conventional feeding systems like standard vibratory bowl or simple linear feeders will be marketed from now on as BaseType. Furthermore, all linear high-performance feeders as well as other flexible feeding systems will be marketed under the new name FlexType.

Flexible linear feeding system with over 150 different parts


Innovation by RNA! RNA has succeeded in developing a feeding system that guarantees the correctly oriented sorting of more than 150 different types of workpieces. The overall control of this feeding system is built based on RNA's new PLC, the SCP 4000. This makes it possible to meet the extremely high requirement regarding the part-specific activation of e.g. air jets and different time-based setting values.

RNA expands its product range of vibratory bowl feeders with the new round drives SRA-Z100, SRA-Z150 and SRA-Z200


RNA expands its well-tried product family of round drives. The supply range of SRC-N drives is complemented by the compact round drives of the SRA-Z series. They are characterised especially by their flat design with a central fixture and, due to the smooth vibration transfer, they are particularly suitable for the feeding of micro parts.

Partnership agreement between RNA and FANUC Deutschland GmbH


RNA has concluded a partnership agreement with FANUC Deutschland GmbH to deepen the cooperation in flexible feeding technology. Core of the agreement is to gather experience and test results of FANUC robots in combination with RNA FlexCubes. Furthermore, FANUC will be able to offer a solution in the future for flexible feeding systems with the flexible FlexCube vibration platforms.

New RNA standard: batch feeding for screws


A standardised feeding system for the furniture industry that stands out due to low costs and a reduced delivery time: that's the new "screw automat" we're launching as an RNA standard.

Feeding system with integrated step feeder


Careful feeding of the parts as well as a space-saving design of the installation was what our customers needed. A compact feeding system with an integrated step feeder was the solution!

Upgrading of RNA bowl drive units – RNA's SRC series


We have upgraded our known vibratory bowl feeders. In future, all bowl drives will be equipped with a shielded cable, so that they also comply with the CSA/UL standards for all current sizes.

Addition to the RNA FlexCube Family: FlexCube380


The RNA FlexCube family has grown. As a logical addition to the existing products, we present the FlexCube 380 which fills the gap between FlexCube 240 and FlexCube 530.

RNA as a new member with digitalHUB Aachen e.V.


Since 01.09.2019, RNA is a member with digitalHUB Aachen e.V. which has its premises in the so-called digitalCHURCH, an old church that was changed into Co-Working Space. The aim here is to exchange ideas and network with start-ups, and present own digital solutions. That way, RNA is involved right from the beginning also regarding future technologies.

FlexType Compact: the new, compact linear feeding system by RNA


The family of high-performance feeding systems of the FlexType series by RNA has grown by the new and extremely compact FlexType C, a feeding unit that stands out for its compact type of construction.

MOTEK Trade Fair in Stuttgart from 07.10. – 10.10.2019


The Motek in Stuttgart is a leading event worldwide in the fields of production and assembly automation. It shows the whole world of rapidly changing process automation and presents already today industrially usable and future-proof solutions to the customer, so that it has become an indispensable must-attend event for all users, designers and those responsible for production in modern industrial manufacturing and assembly. We're on the spot also this year with product novelties like the new and extremely compact linear feeding system FlexType C as well as with the IoT ConnectBox.

The FlexCube line: RNA'S vibration platform


With the flexible vibration platforms known under the name RNA FlexCube, you can now obtain the complete range of components under one label.

RNA is expanding: new production site opens in Remchingen


In order to be able to serve our customers even more quickly and within easy reach, RNA opened a new external workshop in Remchingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, on 1st June 2019.

New BVL15-P Vibrating Hopper for FlexCube Vibration Platforms


As an extension to our hopper series, we have now developed the new BVL15-P vibrating hopper, specially for FlexCube vibration platforms. Having a filling volume of 15 litres and a specially-developed running performance, it is perfectly tuned to the RNA FlexCube530. Thanks to this perfect interaction, the desired feeding performance can be optimally exhausted.

FlexType by RNA – Now Completely Reproducible


The linear feeding systems of the FlexType range by RNA feature a high performance and comfortable operability. An installation with multiple tracks has a feeding performance of up to 2.500 parts per minute. We have now managed to manufacture our FlexType M series – with the exception of the air jets – in a completely reproducible manner, without changing the extremely high accuracy of the sorting characteristics for the sample parts.

IoT ConnectBox: RNA's New Mobile Data Collector and IoT Platform


RNA introduces its new IoT ConnectBox, a mobile data collection device combined with an IoT platform that enables data to be read in real time, making it easy to digitalise machines or products, irrespective of the branch or line of business. With GSM technology, the IoT ConnectBox can be used almost everywhere and does not need direct access to the customer's network. RNA's IoT ConnectBox is very simple and easy to install. Existing installations can also be upgraded with the IoT ConnectBox and therefore, become digitalised.

Separation system for profile bars


For our customers A&H Meyer, we managed to build an installation that combines the single work steps from stockpiling to separation in one single step. This guarantees extremely short retooling times for all of the 12 different workpieces.

RNA Smart Control


RNA is now beginning to gradually change its range of control units and is offering a new Industry 4.0-suitable generation under the name of RNA Smart Control. This new generation of control units has TCP/IP interfaces, for instance, and they will be able to communicate with each other. In the course of the first quarter, the first control units to be introduced will be the SCU 1000 and the SCU 2000 (SCU: "Smart Control Unit") which will take over the ESG 1000 and ESG 2000 after a transitional period.

MOTEK Trade Fair in Stuttgart from 08.10. – 11.10.2018


The Motek in Stuttgart is the leading event worldwide in production and assembly automation, feeding technology and material flow, rationalisation through handling technique and industrial handling. As a unique industry platform, it displays the whole world of automation. We will be on the spot again this year, too, and look forward to presenting an exciting discussion to you about the next generation of feeding technology on our new podium.

Our classical vibratory bowl feeder in combination with a sophisticated construction – RNA makes it possible – Processing of nine variants without retooling.


Our feeding systems based on vibratory bowl feeders are reliable all-rounders – also for complex workpiece geometries. RNA has managed to pair this quality with a sophisticated additional construction, so it can offer the customer a plug & play solution. This enables a correctly oriented supply of 9 different workpiece variants from one family of parts without the necessity of retooling.

New compact motors for FP15E and FP15D


From now on, the mini-band conveyors FP15E and FP15D will be equipped with new, compact and ergonomic synchronous motors made by Rotek. This way, our well-proved mini-band conveyors will meet the growing requirements also in the future and offer another advantage to the customer with its new, space-saving design and improved power.

Official Inauguration of the “RNA Smart Factory”


On 17 May 2018, the new “RNA smart factory” was officially inaugurated by the prime minister Armin Laschet and Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp at the headquarters in Aachen. After 18 months’ construction time, the new production hall and new office building were officially inaugurated.

RNA Expands the Use of Robots: First-Time FlexType P System in Connection with an Adept Scara Robot


Our flexible FlexType P feeding systems come into use especially then when workpieces of different sizes and dimensions are processed without the customer having to reckon with time-consuming set-up times. For the first time an Adept Scara robot was used, meaning that RNA could expand its knowledge of robotics and fulfil a customer’s explicit requirement.

AUTOMATICA Trade Fair in Munich from 19 - 22.06.2018


The Automatica is the leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics. We were present this year, too, with a new product, i.e. a flexible feeding system from the FlexType P series. The new FlexType P feeding system was built for the first time with a vibration platform of the size of DIN A3, the FlexCube 530, and a Denso HR robot.

RNA vibrating hoppers BVL-0,5P and BVL-1P


RNA has expanded its range of BVL-P hoppers and now also offers the BVL-0,5P and BVL-1P as plug & play components. These miniature hoppers are readily tuned and supplied with the control unit, communication cables and substructure for easy assembly on the machine table.

The RNA FlexType M now also for the pharmaceutical sector with special requirements (Laminar Flow)


The multi-track bowl feeder RNA FlexType M is not only perfectly suitable for applications in the clean room but also permits the use of “laminar flow”. Extended covers of all substructures and the entire base frame prevent the air that flowed in under laminar flow from swirling in the substructures. Apart from the hopper, lining of the substructures has been carried out on all other components of the feeding system, too.

New generation of control units: RNA Smart Control


In the next two years, RNA will be renewing its control unit programme and introducing a new generation ready for Industry 4.0 under the name of RNA Smart Control. All new control units have TCP/IP interfaces and will be able to communicate with each other. The first unit that RNA will be introducing is its new PLC, the SCP 4000.

The RNA vibration platform FlexCube 530: new quick discharge


For the vibration platform Asycube 530 the size of DIN A3, RNA offers a newly-developed and standardised quick discharge. This is particularly useful when workpieces have to be removed again quickly from the platform. As a further accessory, we offer a corresponding conveyor belt for the removal of the pieces.

FlexType L – our high-performance feeding systems can now be made with an even wider sorting track!


So far, the sorting track of the FlexType feeding systems had a limited width, but now and thanks to a newly developed linear drive, we have managed to build a sorting basin with a width of 1,200mm. This allows sorting on 16 tracks with a performance of 720 pieces / minute.

RNA’s new linear feeder SLC 500-400


The successful, compact line of SLC linear feeders has grown. From now on, we also supply the SLC500-400. Due to its even wider 400mm vibratory superstructures and stronger magnets, this new linear feeder provides a solid basis for vibrating hopper systems with high load weights.

Accessories for use of the Asycube vibration platforms


The vibration platform FlexCube, a flexible feeding system with a 3-axis vibration, performs quick and simple bulk material feeding, orientation and separation for the following manipulation of random parts. We will introduce some systems to you here that make the use of this vibration platform perfectly complete.

Feasibility studies for FlexType P feeding systems


RNA has opened a test lab for feasibility studies of its flexible FlexType P systems in which feasibility studies for customers are conducted. These studies help customers find the optimal solution based on their workpieces and the defined task. This permits more effective and safer planning and commissioning of a FlexType P plant.

New BUS compact belt hopper


The well-approved RNA hopper family has been expanded. We are happy to offer you two new compact angular belt hoppers in sizes 25 l and 50 l as of October.

Roofing Ceremony at RNA


The construction of the new production hall and the connected office buildings is advancing quickly. The roofing ceremony was celebrated on the 25th of August 2017.

MOTEK trade fair in Stuttgart from 09 to 12 October 2017


Motek in Stuttgart is the leading trade fair in the world in the areas of supply technology, production and assembly automation and industrial handling. The entire industry from the world of automation meets here. We as the market leader in feeding system technology are once again present here this year with new products like a new and flexible feeding system out of the FlexType P series.

RNA Twister: standard sorting system for nails, screws and rivets. The tornado amongst the screw bowls!


Based on the reliable SRC-N250 drive, RNA offers a standardised feeding system for nails, screws and rivets that runs up to 500 parts per minute: the new RNA Twister! This system is built in such a way so that the workpieces leave the system “hanging” and can be delivered in this position to the following process.

The RNA FlexType M now also for the pharmaceutical industry


The RNA FlexType M is also perfectly suitable for applications in the clean room! The use of stainless steel as a material for hygienic use as well as an FDA-conform coating of the hopper meet the hygiene regulations in the pharmaceutical field. Furthermore, covers prevent the unintentional filling of extraneous materials both in the hopper and within the sorting conveyor. And yet, we have managed to reach an excellent output rate of 900 pieces / minute with a 15-track feeding system.

RNA's New Internet Presence


RNA has completely revised its website and made it even more user-friendly. Next to the new download area and current product information, we now also have our own eShop for components as well as a 3D-CAD configurator for conveyor belts. So now you can order directly online and can configure your own conveyor belt for your specific application.

New RNA Official Distributor for Scandinavia


With United Components, we are glad to have won a new official distributor for Scandinavia. This company, located in Middelfart, offers complete technical solutions for industrial automation. In future, United Components will offer RNA’s complete feeding systems and components, and will represent the RNA brand in Sweden and Norway and later in Denmark.

RNA’s Spring Untangler Integrated in Feeding Process


Feeding springs with open spring ends requires special attention. This type of spring is – if filled in as bulk material in a stockpiling hopper – strongly tangle up and therefore useless for the following process. By using RNA’s spring untangler within the feeding process, it becomes possible to feed the springs individually to the following process.

The New RNA Online Configurator – the Solution for Customised Requirements and Tailored Products


With our new interactive 3D configurator, you can now put products together individually and integrate them into your design program. Regulations help to prevent incorrect combinations beforehand and your whole construction process becomes easier. Try it out now on our new website at

Zuführtechnik 4.0 – reproduzierbare Zuführsysteme von RNA


Reproduzierbare Zuführsysteme können eine Alternative zu bislang werkstattgefertigten Stahltöpfen sein. Die im Laser-Sinter-Verfahren gedruckten Töpfe sind zu 100 % reproduzierbar und austauschbar und können innerhalb kurzer Zeit von RNA gefertigt und geliefert werden.

Bunkersysteme von RNA – Anwendung mit dem neuen Linearförderer SLC500


Mit CAD direkt produziert. RNA liefert Zuführsysteme im 3D Druck


Neue Vibrationsplattform im DIN A3-Format – die neue FlexCube 530


MOTEK trade fair in Stuttgart from 09 to 12 October 2017

Motek in Stuttgart is the leading trade fair in the world in the areas of supply technology, production and assembly automation and industrial handling. The entire industry from the world of automation meets here. We as the market leader in feeding system technology are once again present here this year with new products like a new and flexible feeding system out of the ROBO-FLEX P series.